Choices Character
Gender Male
Hair black
Eyes blue
Age 21-22
Friends Main Character, Cole, Brooke, Horatio, Sereena
First LoveHacks

Mark is one of the main characters in the book LoveHacks.


Chapter 1Edit

Mark is first introduced when he was having a conversation with his friend Cole, where they are talking about his college friend that is back in town. At the climax of the chapter, Mark and the player's character meet together at Mystique, an exclusive lounge located at San Francisco. The player was shocked to see him after a long time ago. However, Evan interrupts the two which unsettles the player.

Chapter 2Edit

After the two met each other again, Evan interrupts them and tells the player to continue their date. When the player introduces Mark to Evan, he says that he already knows Mark because they worked together at the same product team last year. However, he tells the player that they made Mark the manager of the team, angering him. After Evan goes to the bar to get some drinks, Mark and the player talked to each other about their memories from the past. This was interrupted by Evan, who asks the player to join him in a game of beer pong. The player accepts Evan's offer and convinces Mark to play with them. He accepted the offer which led them to proceed to the pong table. A few minutes later, Evan tells the two that their VP of Marketing wants to partner up with him in a pong tourney. The player decided to just hang-out with Mark and let Evan accept the opportunity. After leaving the lounge, the two headed to the Double Tap to meet Mark's friends. When they reached the bar, the player was delightfully welcomed by Mark's friends. At a part of the chapter, an exclusive scene was shown wherein Mark and his friends play a game of Red Herring. When the player decides to kiss Mark at the end of the game, he felt a little uneasy about it. At the end of the chapter, things became worse when Mark shows his girlfriend, Amy, to the player.

Chapter 3Edit

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Chapter 4Edit

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